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 What an exciting time for your ministry! Growth shows that you’re fulfilling the vision God—but it also brings daunting challenges—and risk. You need more worship or multi-use space, or maybe you need facilities more functionally adapted to modern family and youth-oriented ministries and worship. Is it the right time to build or expand? Is it the stage in our lifecycle to launch a new campus? How could we structure a hybrid financing plan to bridge the gap between what the bank will lend and the estimated cost of the project? What kind of construction contract arrangement will be acceptable to banks? What other sources of potential low-cost funds are available?

 You need to make those decisions soon, but are concerned about how to be the best steward of your limited funds. You want to avoid overburdening your church with debt, risking its financial future and more—if growth slows. Of course, construction projects by their very nature present their own inherent risks.

 You need professionals with over 34 years of experience helping literally thousands of churches make those choices, find the right lender, negotiate the best terms, and limit deadly construction risks. Whether you’ve already made these decisions, are still looking for a lender, already found one, or are still considering all of your options—now is the right time to call Antioch. Construction and major renovation represents perhaps the riskiest of all undertakings by most churches. Structured correctly, and with Antioch’s guidance, all elements of construction and financing can (and must) be melded into a seamless plan that assures 100% completion of the project within the budget set at its outset.


You only get one chance to make a first impression. Our in-depth credit analysis (“Confidential Information Memorandum” or “CIM”) ensures you make the best presentation—as we approach our banks in your community who’ve come to rely on our fully analyzed, professionally underwritten refinancing package for consideration by their credit committee. With Antioch representing you to its banks, your chances of getting the best refinancing possible for your church increases dramatically. Plus—you gain an important life-long financial partner in your own backyard.

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