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Our access to money on highly competitive terms and interest rates saves our churches valuable dollars for important ministries. Loan terms are structured to meet your specific needs. Our nationwide network of community banking partners compete for your business. They appreciate the opportunity to partner-up with our churches.


Construction financing custom-designed for your project will save you precious time and money. Our free review and analysis at early planning stages will be invaluable in determining the size, scope and function of your project. We help you design a project our banks will eagerly finance - saving you the high cost of delay and a trip "back to the drawing board."


Let Antioch assess and prequalify your opportunity to acquire that special property. Special opportunities require rapid and learned analysis preferably before agreements are made and signed. We'll structure your purchase transaction to meet the requirements of our banks. once again, saving you a trip back to the drawing board to renegotiate with a seller.


We've helped hundreds of churches honorably restructure their debt with lower payments that match their financial ability. Many churches and ministries are suffering from ill-structured loans made in the "go-go" years of 1997-2007. "Over-lending" by Lenders and bond firms have jeopardized hundreds of ministries nationwide. We can help.

What Our Churches Have To Say About Us

We Have Served Thousands Of Churches And Ministries All Over The Country Over The Past 34 Years!
Including many of the country's largest and most successful ministries!

“...the team at Antioch worked closely with us in preparing our financials and walking us through the process of financing our first new facility. They know their business and shared their wisdom graciously. They were an invaluable asset and we would not hesitate to involve them again as we go forward and continue to grow with God's blessing.”

- Pastor Jane McDonough
Faithlife Church, Tampa, FL

“The folks at Antioch took a personal interest in our ministry. They saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in our refinance and restructure - and cut our mortgage payments by a third! Their efforts have put us on solid ground for continued future growth as we expand our ministry and programs within our community.”

- Pastor Willie King
Showers of Blessings, Gainsville, FL

“Antioch helped Athey Creek regain its momentum after the recession and to fund and re-commence a long-deferred but much needed 44,000 SF worship center, providing solid footing for continued growth. We're thankful to God for the help He provided through Antioch and He is answering our prayers with a new home.”

- Pastor Jeff Young
Athey Creek Christian Fellowship, Lake oswego, OR

“Antioch helped us refinance our church bonds and saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in just the first year!!”

- Pastor Andrew
Big Eastern Church

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