Equipment Leasing

Get Updated Sound, Video and More!

Equipment Leasing

New Sound System and Video, Check!

 Get the money to upgrade or replace everything from your audio equipment to your church van. Our wide range of leasing options will ensure you get the financing you need to equip your church without paying to much.

What can we finance?

 It may be easier to ask what you can't finance, But just for the sake of listing a few items...; Camera and Video equipment, Audio and Sound equipment, Furniture such as desks, tables, Chairs, Pews and Shelving, Church Vehicles, Stage Lighting, Computers, Mixing Boards and many other items. All items are subject to credit committee and a risk analysis so sometimes certain items that fall into these categories may not be eligible for financing.

What Are The Financing Options?

There are many ways and options you will have when financing and their availability depends on what your ministry qualifies for as well as what it is that you are looking to finance. However there are two basic types of equipment leasing that we focus on. "Traditional" financing would mean that you pay a smaller monthly amount over the course of 3 or 5 years then pay a larger balloon payment at the end of the lease to keep the equipment or give the equipment back to us and finance a new purchase (this can be a good option for things like computers which change so often). "Buck Out" Financing would mean that you pay a larger monthly amount over the course of the 3 or 5 year term but at the end of the term you pay $1 or another small amount to buy the equipment outright instead of a larger balloon amount.

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